Client Comment

As the Green Committee Chair for Columbus Country Club, I have had the pleasure of spending many days onsite with Kevin during the Renovation of the golf course. I have come to admire Kevin’s vast architectural knowledge and his patience in the trenches. I find Kevin’s best attribute to be his ability to take working drawings and adapting them on the fly in the field.

Columbus Country Club believes in Kevin Hargrave enough to make a significant investment in his creativity and abilities beyond the current 18 Hole Course Renovation and plan to continue our association with him when we decide to improve our 9 Hole Par 3 Course at a date to be determined. I assure you, we made the right decision as us echoed by our entire Membership, Board & Greens Committee.

Our Club was founded in 1903 and has a storied history in hosting the 1964 PGA Championship while being known for our rich family tradition. We consider this recent Golf Course Renovation the most constructive capital improvement we have made in the past 50 years. Kevin continues to help us accomplish our objectives which will further guarantee another 30 or 40 years of rich history.

David Downey
Greens Committee Chair
Columbus Country Club

Columbus Country Club is the oldest private club in Columbus, OH which hosted a PGA Championship in 1964 was originally designed by Donald Ross in 1914. Kevin Hargrave was contracted by our Club in 2015 to perform and execute our Long Range Master Plan. The 2 year – 2 Phase Project saw the Front 9 completed in the Fall of 2016 with the Back 9 planned for the Fall of 2017.

Kevin was able to achieve a classic Donald Ross look to our bunkers and green surrounds and put the proper scale back to our great historic club. We are excited for Kevin’s vision on the Back 9 and the completion of our Club’s renovation. Kevin has been an inspiration, has an impeccable eye for perfection and has made our great Club a classic club once again.

Jay Frank
General Manager
Columbus Country Club

Kevin is a master of his craft. We had a considerable project ahead of us to remodel several of our greens complex’s. There was considerable anxiety regarding the success of the project from membership and the Board of Directors. He was very candid and clear throughout the design and decision making process. More importantly, Kevin was incredibly clear in his communication and updates on the status of the project after it got stared. He managed every step very well. He managed the contractors performing the work well, and kept everyone and everything on task. As a result, we now have gorgeous new greens and our membership could not be happier. When we do more renovations, it will be Kevin leading those projects, as I can’t imagine going through a project without his leadership and industry knowledge.

Ben Randolph,
Board of Directors President,
Bridgeport Country Club


We are a semi private golf facility that opened in 1967 which is currently in need of significant updating. With an understanding of our limited budget & resources to complete improvements to the golf course we contracted with local Golf Course Architect, Kevin Hargrave in the Spring of 2015 to help us determine the best route by which to go about changes.

Our vision was that of a 5 year in-house bunker renovation project to address drainage issues, playability & to ultimately minimize the overall cost of maintaining them. With Kevin’s involvement, we are now ahead of our time table.

Kevin is a very qualified Golf Course Architect that has his client’s best interest at heart…..we are looking forward to Phase 2 of our long term program this upcoming Fall.

Tom Bozarth,
Moss Hill Golf Course LLC