Kevin Hargrave Golf Course Architect

When retaining Kevin Hargrave as your Golf Course Architect, you are selecting a proven commodity and a skilled craftsman who will dedicate himself to the successful completion of your project, no matter how large or how small.

Kevin’s approach is hands on, meticulous, without concern for personal accolades but with the utmost regard for the project’s budget and the ultimate enjoyment of the golfer.

“All successful golf course architects have to first establish themselves as a strong asset in a supporting role while gaining a valuable professional base to build from. Since 1996, I have had the pleasure of a close personal and professional association with Kevin Hargrave that continues even with the establishment of his own company.
In the competitive nature of golf course design, it is rare for a golf course architect to recommend another for consideration. I do so because I have great respect and admiration for Kevin’s talent and his dedication to the craft.
I would like to encourage you to strongly consider Kevin Hargrave, as a better selection could not be made, personally or professionally.”
Keith Foster, Golf Architect